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Self Moving Factors to Consider

In theory, a self-move may be easier and more economical, however, in practice, this is not always the case. Before deciding whether to handle your own move, here are some factors to consider:

Do you have time to do the entire job?

Packing, loading/unloading, & driving can be very time-consuming. Relocation is a process that cannot be left incomplete with hope of finishing at a later time.

How many items do you need to move?

Larger residential self-moves are more difficult. There may be heavy furniture and appliances that need to be packed and loaded.

Are you physically capable of loading/unloading on both ends of the move?

Assess your situation. Never take on a role too big or over-exert yourself under any circumstances. Cross-country driving is very tedious.

Self MoveWill you have family & friends whom are willing to help?

Always have people help you through the relocation process. Remember that safety is the primary concern. Anyone handling heavy furniture is susceptible to injuries, even professional movers. However, moving companies have liability insurance for their employees in case of injury. Obtaining extra insurance for your self-move would be more costly.

Keep in mind that the availability of your family & friends depend on the timing of your move. You may have to consider hiring labor on both ends of your move.

How much is your shipment worth?

Extra coverage may be necessary for your items because the coverage provided by the rental truck company will only protect your items if the damages are caused by vehicular malfunctions, not load shifting or driver-caused accidents. However, insurance companies charge a lot less when you use a professional moving company. Much more damage is expected to occur during a self-move. You're solely responsible for any damages to your items.

Are you licensed to drive a big truck?

You may need a special permit to drive one. Rental trucks handle differently from your average car. They are top-heavy and the braking distances are longer.

Will you be making arrangements for your spouse, children, and pets?

There may not be enough space in the truck for your family and your pets. You'll have to make provisions for them to follow in a separate car or to reserve flight seats. If you are making a long-distance move, factor in the costs of food and lodging.

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