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Prepare Your Home for Sale

Following the initial inspection and knowing in advance of all the defects and flaws, you can now place your focus on repairs and cleaning.

  • Clear all closet space - the size of closets will be very important
  • Wash all windows
  • Clean all carpets and rugs
  • Fix all leaky faucets
  • Change all light bulbs, preferably to higher wattage ones
  • Use air freshener all around the house


For buyers, the first impression of the house is often the most lasting one.

  • Paint the house - having the house freshly painted can do wonders for sales.
  • Mowing the lawn, picking up loose branches and planting flowers will enhance the appeal
  • Buy a new welcome mat

  • Install better lighting
  • Plaster and repair any cracks in the walls
  • Make the beds

  • Clean and regrout the tiles
  • Re-glaze the tubs and sinks if rust shows
  • Scrub the tub and toilets, eliminating the mildew
  • Add potpourri
  • Place a new bar of soap on the dish
  • Place new towels on the rack

  • Clean out the refrigerator- people will look inside!
  • Clean the stove and oven interior
  • Wipe off the countertops

Living Room:
  • Remove some furniture- while your house is being shown, the space will appear to be larger
  • Thoroughly dust the area
  • Remove all picture frame and items resting on the mantle
  • If bookcases appear to be cluttered, remove a few books
  • Clean the blinds or curtains and leave them open to invite in the sun

  • Remove clutter for easy access and walkway
  • Install a dehumidifier
  • Clean the furnace and laundry room
  • Cover visible pipes
  • Secure the handrail and the stairway


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