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Long distance moving can be a herculean task, and above all, understanding how much cost it would entail can be really stressful for consumers. We will smoothen many of your moving complexities and dilemmas right here! In order to make your moving cost effective and wallet-friendly, having a correct weight estimate of your goods is the key. Cost of inter-state move is based on the weight of the truck and calculating weight of your move might seem to be another hair-tearing activity. However, allow us to do the heavy 'weight lifting' without you having to break a sweat!

To provide their customers with most accurate moving quote, all long-distance movers are expected to perform weight estimate of the contents of consumers' house. Now, does it mean that the movers drag around giant set of brass scales and measure each item in your house individually? As appealing as this image might be, it can't be farther from actual process! Moving companies have a fairly standard procedure in place for determining weight of the move. It mostly involves a representative walking through your current home, taking an inventory of the various items and goods and providing an estimate of how much the items weigh according to him/her.

Moving Weight Calculator - It's for Real!

While various moving companies will have their own procedures for estimating the weight of your belongings, we can enable you with simple tools and calculators that can be helpful as starting points as well as help you to plan, budget and calculate your upcoming move with ease. For instance, provides an extensive list of common household items and corresponding estimate of their weight, right from CD rack in your living room to playpen in your child's room. Let's just say that you want to determine the weight of your Living Room items which include a 3-cushion sofa, an ottoman, a small computer desk, a coffee table, a plasma TV and a pole lamp. Entering this data into a mover's 'cube sheet' or moving weight calculator as given below will generate an estimate of your living room weight:

Sofa - 350
Ottoman - 35
Computer Desk - 105
Coffee table - 35
Plasma TV - 70
Lamp - 20

Total Weight - 615 pounds

Move Weight

Although such weight calculators and other simple tools can be applied as initiating pointers for getting rough estimates, it is highly recommended that a moving agent must visit your house to generate a more accurate assessment of the weight/cost of your move. Try obtaining multiple quotes and compare different mover estimates. However, be wary of falling for a mover solely on the basis of lowest estimate as they are likely to jack up prices during or after the move. Any additional charges such as fuel should be clearly finalized with your potential movers prior to moving date. Since moving across state lines is based on the weight, it is pertinent to know how your mover will determine your total truck weight - whether the truck will be weighed prior to the move or after and ensuring that mover uses a certified weighing scale for the same. To understand how movers weigh their trucks, let's ease you through the information by citing U.S Department of Transportation booklet, 'Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move'. This comprehensive guide lays down rules and regulations that govern inter-state move and even provides helpful tips with regards to truck weighing process:

"If your mover transports your household goods on a non-binding estimate, your mover must determine the actual weight of your shipment on a certified scale in order to calculate its lawful tariff charge. If your mover provided a binding estimate, the weight of the shipment will not affect the charges you will pay, so there is no requirement to weigh shipments moving under binding estimates.

Most movers have a minimum weight charge for transporting a shipment. If your shipment appears to weigh less than the mover's minimum weight, your mover must state the minimum cost on the order for service. Should your mover fail to advise you of the minimum charges and your shipment is less than the minimum weight, your mover must base your final charges upon the actual weight, not upon the minimum weight.

Usually, your shipment will be weighed in the city or local area where the shipment originates. The driver has the truck weighed before coming to your residence and then has it weighed again after your shipment has been loaded. The difference in these two weights is the weight of your shipment.

The mover may also weigh your shipment at destination when the shipment is delivered. The driver will have the truck weighed with your shipment on board and then weighed a second time after your shipment has been unloaded. Each time a weighing is performed, the driver is required to obtain an official weight ticket signed by the weigh master of a certified scale and a copy of the weight tickets must accompany your copy of the bill of lading. Shipments of less than 3,000 pounds may be weighed on a certified warehouse scale.

You have the right, and your mover must inform you of your right, to observe all weighing of your shipment. Your mover must tell you where and when each weighing will occur. Your mover must give you a reasonable opportunity to be present to observe the weighing. You may waive your right to observe weighing; however, you must waive that right in writing.

If your shipment is weighed at origin and you believe that the weight may not be accurate, you have the right to request that the shipment be reweighed before it is unloaded. The mover is not permitted to charge you for the reweighing, but the final charges due will be based on the reweigh weight, even if it is more than the initial weight.

If you request notification of the actual weight and charges of your shipment, your mover must comply with your request if it is moving your household goods on a collect-on-delivery basis. This requirement is conditioned upon you supplying your mover with contact information.

You must receive the mover's notification at least 24-hours before the scheduled delivery, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal holidays.

Your mover may disregard this 24-hour notification requirement on shipments subject to one of the following three situations:

  1. When your mover weighs your shipment at destination.
  2. When pickup and delivery encompasses two consecutive weekdays, if you agree.
  3. When the maximum payment at time of delivery is 110 percent of the estimated charges, if you agree"

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