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Move-In Day

The carrier is required to contact you at least 24 hours in advance of their arrival. Be present to receive your shipment or have an authorized person wait on-site.

Move-In DayIf the carrier is held up from completing the job, through no fault of their own and basically waiting on you, you will be charged accordingly. The carrier gives you a window of 2 free hours.

If you are not available to receive your shipment after the 2 hours, your shipment will be placed into a storage facility at your expense. This means you will have to pay for a number of additional charges, including, but not limited to:

  1. The effort it took to place your items into storage.
  2. The renting of the storage space.
  3. The time, manpower, and the truck that will be required for the carriers to retrieve your items from storage and deliver them to your place.

Read all paperwork carefully. Don't sign anything until you are in full agreement with what is written. Does the final price match the estimate that you were given? Write down the carrier's reasons for any discrepancies.

The carrier has the option and legal right to bill you before he unloads your items. If you refuse to pay, he has the legal right to place your items into storage at your expense.


  1. Check off the items on the inventory sheet, as they are unloaded into your place.
  2. Check the condition of each item and look for any damages. If you should find any damages to your items, write them down in 'exceptions' column next to the item on the inventory sheet. Take photographs if you must.
  3. If there is external damage to boxes that you packed yourself, write it down next to the box number listed on the inventory sheet. You won't know if there is damage to its contents but in case there is, the poorly handled boxes may help determine if the movers are liable. Save all damaged boxes to help validate your claim.
  4. List all missing boxes and items.
  5. If it is stipulated in the bill of lading, make sure the movers reassemble all items that they disassembled.
  6. If you notice damages or missing articles, it doesn't help to argue with the carrier. Your claim must be filed and settled with the moving company. Contact them immediately. Request that they send a representative or hire an independent adjuster to inspect the damage.
  7. Do not attempt to repair or polish any furniture that is damaged. You may either cause further damage or alterations to the scratches that make the damages look old.
  8. Call the moving company and request a claim form. You must file your loss or damage claim against the moving company within 9 months after your shipment has been delivered.
  9. Move-in day is a very busy time. You may not notice all damages immediately. Don't think that you have to unpack and scrutinize everything all in one day. Remember that you have up to 9 months from the delivery date to claim damage.

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