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Getting A Good Move Estimate


  • First and foremost, always remember that the price of the estimate should never be the deciding factor. The reputation of the moving company goes a long way.
  • Allow only licensed and insured movers to bid on your job.
  • Get several estimates. They're free, so take advantage of them. If you can make the time, you can take control of the moving process.Move Estimate
  • Estimates given over the telephone and the Internet are difficult for a mover to guarantee. A mover cannot properly estimate your job unless he can see exactly what has to be moved.
  • Make sure that you show the estimator everything, including what's in the basement, attic, garden shed, garage, closets. Tell him if your neighbor is using your John Deere mower and you're not planning on driving it to your new home.
  • Find out how binding each estimate is. It'll be easy to discard high estimates but should you receive an estimate that is substantially lower than the others, inquire as to why. Perhaps the estimator didn't see a piece of heavy machinery such as the washing machine in the basement. If he did and he sticks by his estimate, ask him to make it binding and to put it in writing. Always have things in writing.
  • Ask the estimator about purchasing extra valuation/insurance. Movers provide a basic insurance that will not nearly cover the replacement cost of more expensive items. So if you want to make sure you can take advantage of your satellite dish when you reach your new home, insure your big-screen TV set.


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