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How to find a cheap moving truck rental?

January 26, 2017
Moving Truck Rental

As with any other move, it pays to be prudent and proactive even during a self-service move that requires rental trucks. It is highly recommended therefore, to start looking for a reliable truck rental service ahead of the actual moving date. Try to reach out to several moving truck rentals services and compare quotes. Also be sure to check their credentials and reputation. Evaluate your moving needs, size of your move and your budget by considering a few important questions ahead of do-it-yourself move:

What are my moving needs?
You can choose from an array of rental truck service providers if you choose to haul your belongings yourself. Firstly, you need to determine the type of truck rental service you will need. In the case of a local move, almost all truck rental agencies will be willing to accommodate your requirements. Whereas, if your move involves locating to another city or state or even across the country, you will be going most likely for a one-way trip. To meet such needs, large rental agencies such as Budget Truck and Penske are more suitable for one-way moves since they tend to have multiple locations across most major cities. Beware of the fact that one-way truck rentals tend to be more expensive.

How much will it cost me?
The cost of your rental truck will be determined by the size of truck you need, which in turn depend on the number of items/boxes you will be moving. Making a complete and detailed inventory of the items to be moved is advisable. Now will be also a good time to let go of unwanted items and to ensure that you only move (as well as pay for) the belongings you really need. As a simple instance, moving a 2 room apartment will require a 15 feet truck to pack the stuff. Below listed are some general guidelines: 10-12 feet truck - One bedroom small apartment 15 feet truck - Two bedroom house or apartment 20 feet truck - Three to four bedroom house 25 feet truck - Five to eight bedroom house

Be sure to get a fuel-efficient truck, with a low deck and a wide ramp to enable convenient loading. Besides, to gain a better estimate of the final price of the truck rental, you must calculate the approximate number miles that you are going to travel with the truck, including from the truck rental location and back.

Will there be any additional charges?
It is pertinent to ask your rental truck service provider about excess mileage charges, rental time periods and other extra fees or surcharges that can end up bloating a larger bill than you expected. Normally, you would paying taxes like price per mile and fuel surcharge. Similar to a full service moving, insurance plans are an important aspect in a rental truck service and must therefore be carefully considered well before you set out on your move. Calculate if your insurance coverage will be include or whether you will have to pay extra and how much. It is also a good idea to ask your insurance provider a few questions to get a definite picture of the extent of your insurance coverage in case of collision, accident, theft or damage.

What about returning the truck?
Ensuring that the truck is in clean condition before returning it to the rental company might save you from incurring an extra cleaning charge from the provider. Same goes for the refilling of fuel. You can keep your final rental bill on leaner side by filling up the tank yourself before returning the rental van/truck as the rental company usually charges extra to fill it in your stead.

Lastly, instead of rushing into a decision solely on the basis of the lowest price, we recommend that you acquire and compare quotes from at least a couple of different truck rental companies while ensuring that they are dependable, licensed and insured. It will also be a good idea to cross check other moving options, such as hiring a mover or leasing a storage space, or using storage container for the move, so as to compare the different costs and arrive at best moving alternative for your specific needs.

Don't get lured into lowest rental quote trap as there might be some hidden fees involved. Consider a moving truck rental company that has a fleet of safe, clean, well-maintained trucks. Here are the largest truck rental companies with most offices throughout the USA. Make sure to compare the truck rental costs of all of them to get a cheaper rate. For your assistance, we have listed some of the largest moving truck rental companies below:

  • Penske
  • U-Haul
  • Budget
  • Ryder
  • Enterprise
To get quick and free quotes from most reliable truck rentals services in your area, please fill out the form provided here. Whether you are looking for local pick-up truck rentals, city truck rental, or one way truck rentals, you can rely on us to find the best solutions for your moving needs.

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