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Binding versus Non-Binding Move Estimate

Most moving companies provide these two types of moving estimates when they are determining how much the whole moving job will cost you.

Binding Moving Estimate

Binding vs Non-Binding QuoteA binding estimate is the bid provided from your movers after they have done an on site (in-home) survey of your belongings that are going to be moved. After they take a detailed look at the items you want to move and the distance you want them to be moved, your moving company will calculate a binding moving estimate. The binding estimate is provided on an estimate sheet and once you signed it, you are obligated to pay the price specified in that binding moving estimate. Even if the shipment weight is more or less than the estimated amount that has been already calculated, you have to pay only what you've signed in the binding moving estimate sheet in a tolerance of 10%.

If you add more items on your moving list or require additional moving services from your relocating company, then the moving company has the right to revise the original binding estimate that you have signed and to raise your final bill. So keep that in mind.

Non Binding Moving Estimates

The other type moving estimate is the non-binding moving estimate. The non-binding moving estimate can't guarantee you that you will have to pay the quoted price. Sometimes the price that you will have to pay is higher than the price written on the non-binding moving estimate.

The non-binding moving estimate is based on an initial survey on your items by your moving company and the final moving cost is determined after the shipment is weighed and certified. It is basically an approximation of the moving cost based on the mover's survey of the items that are to be moved, with the final cost determined after the shipment is weighed. Non binding moving cost estimates are usually provided over the phone without an actual moving company representative visiting your home.

Because the non-binding moving estimate is based on the actual weight of the shipment and not the estimated weight, the price may be lower than a binding moving estimate. All non-binding estimates must be written and must describe the shipment accurately and in details, including all additional services provided by the mover. This includes the moving, the packing materials used and all other moving fees and taxes.


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